Hi, I am BELLA...........


Born and raised on one of the picturesque jewels of the Bahamas called Harbour Island, I was given the name Chanella Percentie. However, being the youngest of three girls and always having the ability to fix/create things, I later acquired the name 'Bella'.

My former years were spent basking in the inspirational beauty I call home. In 1991, I was gifted with my first Polaroid but not yet discovered my passion and eye for photography. At the time, my goal was completing an English/Broadcasting degree, but it was clear that this was only a minute part of my purpose.

I found a true love in photography after giving birth to my firstborn and bringing her home to the Bahamas. Since then I have nurtured what I've known as humble beginnings into the evolution of something beyond what words can sometimes describe. With every session at Mustard Seed Pro Photography, I have the awesome task of embedding my gift and creativity into the hearts and lives of everyone I come in contact with. While beginning as just a love for it, Mustard Seed Pro Photography has evolved into a ministry where each session is inspired by God and Holy Spirit to specifically focus on the need of each client both artistically and spiritually. With every session, a seed of something is planted: whether its a seed of extra time, a listening ear or a little extra love in the session. Hence the name Mustard Seed was appropriate.

As a lover of art and creativity, passion is infused into everything I do: photography is no exception. My aim is always to capture the very essence of every moment while taking pleasure in creating everlasting marks in the lives of every client through each lens.

My name is Chanella Percentie: a gifted woman of God, mother of two extraordinary blessings and eager to capture your next milestone/special memories.....

Welcome to Mustard Seed Pro Photography